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     It was in 1990 when I saw and heard a cello for a first time. I was very lucky to have good and passionate teachers, to whom I'm very greatful, because they have formed me as a musician and cellist and also have taught me to observe a whole world in search of inspirations. Now I'm a musician and a teacher - occupied, but very happy to give a concert, as I believe that a music make people better.

     I encourage you to look at these photos, below you will find also my official and actual biography.

Adam Misiak cello begining


rock cello

Studying period - from the left: Adam Misiak, Daniel Klemczak, Kamil Lisek i Leszek Lewicki

Annick Reneze

with Annick Rénéze-Emery

cello folder

... this photo would like to find place in a booklet of a festival of yours:)

cello graduate

The day of finishing State Music School in Sochaczew - from the left: Andrzej Czerwiński, Aleksandra Hartman, Adam Misiak, Kazimierz Piwowarski

Dieter Kaufmann

with Dieter Kaufmann

cello laureates

Laureates of the 2nd International Competition for Cello Solo in Katowice - from the left: Maria Kulowska, Seaunn Thorsteindottir, Adam Krzeszowiec, Adam Misiak


ColourStrings Method course - from the left: Patrycja Barwińska, course leader Yvonne Frye, Adam Misiak

     Adam Misiak, born in 1980 in Sochaczew, got first cello lessons at the age of 10 in the State Music School in Sochaczew with Andrzej Czerwiński, then with Kazimierz Piwowarski. He graduated from the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw under prof. Andrzej Wróbel.Adam Misiak was having a scholarschip of polish Minister of Culture (2003-2004). He was also a student at Rennes Conservatory in the class of Annick Rénéze-Emery, as a holder of a scholarchip of the Governement of France. He got special prizes during the IVth International W.Lutosławski Competition (prize funded by prof.Tomasz Strahl,Warsaw, 2003) and XIth International J.Brahms Competition (Pörtschach). In 2006 Adam Misiak got the 3rd prize at the 2nd International Competition for Cello Solo in Katowice. He performs with pleasure especially romantic and contemporary repertory, although feels good also in the music of XVIII century. Adam Misiak enjoys a cello - accordion duo (prizes at the Klingenthal International Accordion Competition with an accordionist Marcin Krzyżanowski (2003,2004) and with Jacek Małachowski in 2007). During the years 2004-2015 Adam Misiak worked as a first cellist in "Roma" Music Theatre in Warsaw, now he appears as a freelance in the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and chamber musician in the education section of National Philharmony in Warsaw. Since 2003, Adam Misiak is a cello teacher at the Frederic Chopin State Music School in Sochaczew.

Paprotnia, 2010